A little Something about me

My name is Caroline and I love everything related to good food and good health. I’m passionate about cooking and love working with unusual ingredients to create dishes that not only look and taste great but also nourish and heal the body.

Always thinking about health and sustainability, I’ve recently been creating dishes and menus addressing specific health conditions. It’s a bit of a brain tease, but understanding the nutritional elements in our food enables us to incorporate these into our diet, supporting our immunity and restoring equilibrium.

I’m not a nutritional therapist but I am a food fanatic and a qualified Homeopath; I was awarded a Licentiate from The Irish School of Homeopathy in 2009 after four years of training and have spent a long time looking at the human condition, trying to find alternative and safe ways back to health. I also received a Diploma in Pathology and Disease on completion of the course which has stood to me greatly.

My living, breathing project is my hungry Scottish boyfriend Scott. I am a slave to his health and wellbeing! Needless to say, he does not share my love of the lentil but will happily feed at my dinner table every night where we enjoy healthy debate over the merits of the toasted pumpkin seed and the necessity of natural yogurt!

One passion we do share is going out and trying new restaurants; thankfully Dublin’s extending multiculturalism allows for great choice with an affordable price tag. Farmers market and gourmet food halls are also setting the bar when it comes to outstanding, locally produced artisan food; finally we can eat well and have fun with the food we prepare at home!

Other stuff: I’m a qualified graphic designer and teach design and photography at a college in Dublin. I like design and love photography; my favorite photographic format is 35mm, I love working with film in the darkroom, it teaches us great patience while enabling us to produce sublime and unusual black and white images. I’ll be sure to include some of my work on the site.

So enjoy, I hope you benefit from the content, find a recipe or two you like, maybe even find a cure for that itch!Hope to see you around…lots


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